Clockwork Mystery Box 2012 – Shadow Variant Outfits!

When a new set of rare clothes come to ourWorld, our beloved site features some of the outfits. Now the time has come for another outfit post! Recently, the new Clockwork Mystery Box 2012 – Shadow Variant came out, and you had the opportunity to show off your awesome fashion sence! ♥ Hence, here are our fellow forumers modeling these cryptic attires:

Outfit By Fireworks

Outfit By Obsessive

Outfit By RoseBelikov

Outfit By Secret

Outfit By Imori

Outfit By Intensive

Outfit By Jester

Outfit By OS Miss Soup

Outfit By Redeemed

Outfit By Aenema

Outfit By Titania Scarlet


Thank you all for modeling! ♥

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