Spotlight: Interview with Artist, Its Bojan

Well for awhile I’ve been lurking around OGC looking at art. So I thought I’d interview one of the artist Its Bojan‘.

OGC: Could you tell me what made you think of drawing this?

Its Bojan: 

Well…hard question…I don’t have much time to draw something free.
When I draw Monthly Sets I think…is that nice, will that people love it, to be original!
When people want me to draw something for them, they usually give me a pic.I just change pose, add shadows, and details.

When they just describe what they want I need to do better on what they imagine! It’s hard but I always did right thing!

OGC:  Interesting if I do say so myself and the inspiration behind it? Like your motivation?

Its Bojan: 

How do I get inspiration…hard too! I just watch everything around me but I prefer to look out the window! I see dove and think:
1. Nice, people will love it, original etc…
2. Is possible to make girls and boys outfits
3. Is someone make that
4. If nobody make similar design I grab paper and pencil and sketch that!
5. If somebody make similar design I need to devise new design!
It’s hard to do all that!

OGC: I understand, most people’s inspiration comes from certain things around them or from somewhere they’ve seen. Most times it comes from the feelings as well. If you could also give a moment of your time to tell us about you as well.

Its Bojan: My name is Bojan.  I allways love to draw! I start to use Windows paint when I was at the age of five. All my designs I do on Windows 7 paint. My first design is published on OGC.com March 12th! Since then ALL my designs are published on OGC.com by Allied Hero and Watch ( thanks girls ). I started to draw on Paint Tool Sai on September I think. I draw that blue bird on Sai. Monthly sets takes me few days to done but I always publish it on 10th in month here, on forums. But chibis, that blue bird and requests I done for one day!

OGC: Well thank you so much for taking your time with us today and answering these questions for our readers. Hope to see more of your art in the near future.

Don’t you just love art? How creative.

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