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Basics: Flow Boost

Flow Boost came after Flow Batteries and the Wishing Star Box.  Flow boost determines how fast you gain flow.  With our recent post called: Max Flow Boost, we explain how it’s possible to get 960%.  So let me show you what flow boost looks like:

350% Flow Boost

So in the picture above, you see it says 350%.  It means that I am getting 350% faster flow then normal which is 0%.  Now let me explain it to you where you can find it.

Flow Boost Explanation

As you can see that the yellow check mark means that this is what you have and this is what gives you the flow boost. So in my situation, I am getting 250% flow boost from my outfit and 100% for being a resident. Now you may think where you can get these items. Well, you can get them from shops (Lady King) in ourWorld. Here is what a group boost looks like:


So now you may think how does this work?  Well in order for group boosters to work, you need another person who has a group booster. How can you find out that a person has a group booster?  Just ask them or click or there profile and check out there brag bag or what they are wearing.  How will you know how much you are getting and if you are getting the flow boost? Well, hover your mouse on your level and you will see them. Here is a picture:

Group Booster - My Part 100%

So now you can see that I have my group boost. Now, I have flow boost 620% In this case, I am the one with the group booster because you can tell by looking at Group Boost > “My Part”. If I was grouping someone else and they had 100% flow boost then it would look like this: Other’s part = 100%. So well, that is pretty much it guys! Have fun and here is a tip again before leaving.


Whenever someone groups you and you are getting flow boost then stop wasting your time around and play some games at that time because that will give you some easy flow. Here is my equation for ourWorld on how to reach to level 100:

Less Wasting Time + More Games + More Flow Boost = More Flows = Level 100!

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