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ourWorld Guide: Shovel PROBABILITY!

Hello, my fellow ourWorlders: Today I’d like to address something about people running around trying to use their shovels, hoping to strike it rich. Did you know that you don’t have to run around and dig all over the map? Well, you don’t, for all those who didn’t know.  Shovels run on a probability scale, and not a random location generator. You might be thinking, “What?” so let me explain.

Think of a pirate’s treasure map. There’s a map with islands, landmarks, etc. but there’s also a dotted line, with an X at the end of it, marking treasure. You dig there, you should find treasure. Well, you might think of that as how the oW shovel system works, with randomly generated Xs over the map. This is simply not the case!

Shovels run on a scale of probability. Think of it like this: The first time you got your shovel, you had a 100% probability of digging up something.  After you struck treasure, this probability reset itself to 0%. Now, don’t worry, all is not lost; because after a certain amount of time, x , your percentage of finding something shoots up by y%. Now, you can diggy diggy hole (a Minecraft reference for all my fellow Minecrafters) all you want, but the longer you wait, the higher your percentage is. But, after you find a treasure, this probability shoots back down to 0% and restarts. You can find something at 5% probability, or 100% probability, but after this is done, it’s a probability reset for you!


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