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Paper Heart Magic Box 2014 GUIDE

This guide was taken from Czarcasm.

Here’s how the Paper Heart Magic Box works. The main difference between the Paper Heart Magic Box and the first magic box, the Chrono Magic Box, is the removal of the Enchantment process. We felt it was unnecessary and confusing.  A few other things have been changed to simplify the transmuting process. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in this topic.

1) Buy the Paper Heart Magic Box and open it to get either the Sealed True Love Letter, Sealed Secret Love Letter, Sealed Sweet Love Letter, Sealed Wicked Love Letter, or Sealed Hyper Love Letter (see below). Which one you get is random. It’s “sealed” because it contain the items that you will be transmuting (or transforming) later. Think of them as sealed envelopes, each with a different color scheme.

2) Now open the sealed envelope that you received to get the Love Letter handheld item. This is the first of 12 items that you will be getting from this sealed envelope.

3) Wait a few days, then click on your Love Letter handheld item and choose Transmute to see the option of turning it into a Staff. Wait a few more days and you can turn it into a Vest, and so on. Note that all of these items will appear in the Magic Box category of your Inventory, except for the Jetpack and Rollerskates which will appear in the Vehicles category.

4) After 56 days since opening the sealed envelope, your item will be fully evolved and will have the word “Final” at the end of it. If you choose to sell your “Final” item, it will get sealed into an envelope that also has the word “Final” on it. When someone opens a “Final” sealed envelope, they’ll be able to transmute between all 12 items immediately without having to wait another 56 days.

Here are the chances of getting each sealed envelope from this magic box:
True Love: 30%, Secret Love: 30%, Sweet Love: 20%, Wicked Love: 10%, Hyper Love: 10%

The box will be available February 19th, 2014.

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