Collette: The Youngest ourWorld Designer

[Collette Interview]

Here is my latest interview from ourWorld! Enjoy! <3

1. How would you describe your style?
Me: I definitely tend to favor the pretty pastels on frothy confections that are so yummy that I could get a sugar buzz just by standing too close. (^__^)
Here is my style in three words: Sweet, Edgy, and Bold!

2. Where can we get your fabulous creations?
Me: Go to ourWorld and check out the “Sugar Star” store in Wonderland. I have a wide variety of SUPER CUTE clothing and furniture!

3. Tell us about your amazing “Enchantments” Store?
Me: Love to!! The “Enchantments” store is located on the east side of Wonderland! It’s a very special store because you get to really express yourself and of course have a ton of fun by wearing fantasy accessories like tails, wings, ears, horns, etc! You can also get magical potions, which will transform you in to something really wonderful!
OH! I forgot to mention that one of the best parts of my “Enchantments” Store is that you can get your own adorable, sweet pet to love!

4. What’s your favorite pet now?
Me: CODY THE CRY BABY POLAR BEAR! Sooooooo cute! I just wanna hug Cody the Polar Bear…ALOT!

5. What are some of your favorite designs?
Me: There are so many! I have a new favorite design like every hour!
I guess my new favorite designs for now are:
• Danseuse Skirt
• Dream Ruffle Cuffs
• Baby-Doll Thigh-Highs
• Sugar Star Logo t-Shirt
• Puff Jacket
• Bunny Face Hat
• Tall Puff Boots
• Ruffle Parasol
• Flow Shovel

You can see some of these designs HERE!

6. What do you think makes you such a great designer?
Me: As you know, I am the youngest of the designers in ourWorld and so that motivates me to constantly prove to the other designers that I am a force (a pink fluffy force!) to be reckon with!
Also, I definitely got the eye, the creative drive, and the cutest clients…EVER! (^__~)
Thank you, ourWorld customers for making me one of the fastest-selling designer in ourWorld!!

7. Rumors are that you are going out with Edwin, the mysterious designer from ourWorld. Is that true?
Me: EEEEK! NO! IT’S DEFINITELY NOT TRUE! (o__O) I guess I just don’t like him in that way…

8. How is Weatherby doing?
Me: Weatherby, my own cute fluffy bear, is doing great! Thanks for asking! You can talk to him in Wonderland. I don’t think he is busy drinking tea now… (^__~)

Hope you all learned a little bit about me from this interview!! Happy to see each one of you in my condo! Don’t forget to visit me!


Collette Inteview [Official ourWorld Blog]
Collette ourWorld Designs [Facebook App Page]

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