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Want lots of coins?
We’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of the most lucrative ways of earning coins.  The list is in order from the slowest to the fastest way of obtaining the coins:

  1. Contests — Enter into fashion shows.
  2. Getupz — Earn coins on the daily
  3. Critter Garden — Sell your critters for coins
  4. Challenges/Poker — Earn coins by playing games
  5. Prize Central — Spend flow.  Gain coins
  6. Coin Box — Join a crew and get a box
  7. Marketplace — Sell items on the market

***Some of these strategies are limited to Residents only.


Contests, typically,  run for a few days.  Within that time you’re gaining no coins.   Furthermore, you’re not guaranteed any coins when the contest ends because you might not win.   However, let’s say that you’re highly fashionable and do win.   The payout is petty.  Most of the time you’ll get less than 5,000 coins (and that’s being generous).  Now let’s do the math:

It takes 48 hours for a contest to finish from beginning to end.  You win 1,000 coins.  In that time, you’ve accumulated 21 coins per hour.  That’s less than ourWorld minimum wage! -.-

Get Upz

Earn daily Coins for each outfit you unlock.

You’ll be able to earn 1,080 coins per day.  Over a year’s time, you would have accumulated 394,200 coins!  That’s a decent amount.  But that’s not including how much money it takes to earn that 1,080 per day.

Unlocking outfits cost coins.  Some outfits cost gems.  In total, you’ll end up spending over 100,000 coins buying outfits from Get Upz (and that’s with a 20% discount)!

We recommend doing it anyway. One of the best rewards for completing Get Upz is the last unlockable scarf item.  This item can sell in the marketplace for well-over 1,000,000 coins!

You can see it here.

Critter Garden

Sell your critters. Get Coins!

The critter garden is a good way of earning coins.  For each critter we hatch, we’ll be able to turn around and sell them back for a profit.  As you can see here, it took my 338 days to hatch 437 eggs for a profit of 34,390 (I have 24 nests fully upgraded).    This means that I’m making 101 coins per day.  That’s hardly anything at all.

The upgrades, alone, are too expensive to earn a profit from the eggs.  So we suggest not upgrading.  The payout for “mutated” critters isn’t worth it.    Not unless you’re able to sell them on the marketplace (where you’ll be able to get over 100,000 coins, easily).  So it is possible to earn lots of coins if you stay consistent with growing and hatching eggs.  You should be able to make over millions of coins in a years time.

Challenges/Poker Cabana

earn coins by completing challenges

Completing challenges is a good way of earning coins while earning flow as well.  Then we can spend the flow later to earn even more coins!

As explained in our Zoe Challenge Guide, it is possible to earn 1,050 gems within 5 minutes.   As you get further into the game, more challenges will be unlocked and you’ll have even greater chances at earning even more coins.  These challenges are time consuming and you’ll have a choice to choose between flow or coins — choose the flow.


Poker Cabana

Poker Cabana is a fun way of risking your coins for a profit.  Many of the players are foolish with their bets.  So the best strategy to use is to bet ONLY when you have a good hand.  Play the 5,000 buy-in games.  Some people have won up to 50,000 coins in less that an hour!

You may also use the n00b coin transfer to earn an even greater amount of coins.

Prize Central

Spend your flow in The Bubbler. The 10 Flow Bubbles seem to give out the most coins and prizes.

This is self-explanatory.   Spend your flow in prize central.  Win items.  Sell items.  Get coins.

The Ani Sports Jersey 20 sells for the most.  You can earn hundreds of thousands from this.

Coin Box

Coin Box

You can obtain a coin box by joining a crew that gets a high elevator each month.  You can read more on this by visiting our Crew Elevator post here.

The coin box can hold up to 1,000,000 coins if you’re incredibly lucky, although a typical item is usually 100,000 coins.  You can see all the Coin Box Items by clicking here.


Only for residents, the marketplace is by far the best way to getting coins fast.   It costs 2 gems for each item you put on sale, but it’s well worth it.  Some items can sell for well-over a million coins!

As you can see in the image below, you can sell a rare familiar for a demanding amount and usually someone will buy it.

Yes, I have all the rare familiars ^.^

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