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A full guide about Volunteering and Playtest

Who are the ourWorld Volunteers?

Volunteers are people who help new players and test new updates.


You must be 13 or older, level 40 or higher and you have to be a current or former Resident.

How to apply?
Log on ourWorld. Go to Account -> Help and click the little question mark under Live Help.

If you meet all the requirements you will have a “Become a Volunteer” bar (like on the picture).

Once you become a Volunteer you can be a Playtester.

What is Playtest?

Playtest is a separate server from ourWorld. It is a place where Volunteers test the new updates (before they go on ourWorld). All Volunteers are welcome to become a Playtester: http://playtest.ourworld.com/v11/ .

Before you can be a Playtester you need to get your IP verified.

How to get my IP verified?

Log on ourWorld. Go to Account -> Help and click ‘GO’ on the Help Page. Then click ‘Request Help’.

Write a short message to ourWorld:

You can check what’s your IP on this site: http://www.whatsmyip.org/. It will be at the very top.

Getting your IP verified takes some time. Be patient.

Being a Playtester

Once you get your IP accepted you have to make a NEW account for Playtest. Your ourWorld account will not work.

New updates get released on PT about a week before they go on ourWorld. That’s enough time to check if all of the new stuff works. If there is a bug (problem) with any of the updates post it here.

Here! I wrote the guide you guys wanted! :P

As you can see, becoming a Playtester is not easy. Remember, this is voluntary.


Playtest Codes

These work on Playtest ONLY. We get new codes every other week.

There is also a 25+ level up code each month.

40 Gems: 71C8-EC00-863B-4C54
20,000 Coins: C699-9045-1C43-CA02

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