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Rare Item Sunday: Cheshire Cat Paws

Meow! How is your Sunday?

Anyway, this week’s rare item is:


Cheshire Cat paws is a super rare item from March 2010. It consist of seven different colors. For females, the colors are purple, blue, red, green, black, white and pink. For males, the colors are purple, blue, red, orange green, black and white.

For females, it has a MPA of 21,940,321(purple), 21,248,473(blue), 29,548,857(red), 22,561,919(green), 51,427,265(black), 63,715,273(white) and 27,071,714(pink). For males, the MPA of Chershire Cat paws is 16,951,753(purple),17,798,091(blue) , 23,713,103(red), 17,080,836(orange), 16-20 million, 38,654,407(black) and 38,847,832(white).

For females, it has a rough worth of 35.5-40 million(purple), 35-40 million(blue), 29-40 million(red), 30-35 million(green), 65-69 million(black), 80-90 million(white) and 30-40 million(pink). The worth of Cheshire cat paws for males is 25-30 million(purple), 25-30 million(blue) , 40-45 million(red), 20-30 million(orange), 30-35 million , 50-55 million(black) and 45-60 million(white).

It matches mostly all the outfits.

What do you think of Cheshire Cat paws?

Do you want to suggest a rare item? You can do that now by sending a message to OurWorld Name: EMLLY. What are you waiting for? All suggestion will be considered. Send in your suggestions now! :)

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