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Rare Item Sunday: Fuzzy Wuzzy Jacket

Growl! Hello! ^_^

This week Rare Item is:

Male Fuzzy Wuzzy Jacket
Female Fuzzy Wuzzy Jacket

Fuzzy wuzzy jacket is a monthly item from June 2010 . It has seven different colours. For males, the colors are Black, brown, purple, white, grey. yellow and blue. For females, the colors are black,brown, purple, white,yellow,blue and pink .

For females, it has a MPA of 8,758,515(black), 4,271,157(brown), 4,602,118(purple), 7,069,827(white), 4,641,521(yellow), 4,623,792(blue), 6,370,440(pink) . The MPA of Fuzzy Wuzzy jacket for males is 6,287,692(black), 3-5 million(brown), 3,739,214(purple), 5,146,202(white), 3,255,166(yellow), 4,472,220(blue) and 4-5 million(grey).

For females, it has a rough worth of 7-10 million(black), 4-5 million(brown), 4-5 million(purple), 7-8 million(white), 5-6 million(yellow), 4-5 million(blue), 5-6 million(pink). For males, it has a rough worth of 6-7million(black), 3-6million(brown), 4-5 million(purple), 5-6 million(white), 3-4 million(yellow), 4.5-6 million(blue), 4-7 million(grey).  Fuzzy wuzzy jacket matches most of the casual outfits.

What do you think of Fuzzy Wuzzy jacket?

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