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Rare Item Sunday: Robo Scarf


This week rare item is:

Robo Scarf for Males.
Robo scarf for Female

Credit goes to ourworldbuzz.com for the pictures.

Robo scarf is a super rare item from Holidays 2008. It has five different colors. For males, the colors are grey, green, purple, white and blue. For females, the colors are grey, green, purple, white and pink.  For females, it has a rough worth of 200-220 million(grey), 150-200 million(green), 160-200 million(purple), 140-200 million(white), 200-220 million(pink). For males, it has a rough worth of 140-200 million(grey), 150-200 million(green), 140-200 million(purple), 140-200 million(white), 140-200 million(blue)

What do you think of Robo scarf?

Do you want to suggest a rare item? You can do that now by sending a message to OurWorld Name: EMLLY. What are you waiting for? All suggestion will be considered. Send in your suggestions now!

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