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Rare Item Sunday: Vampire Essence Necklace


This week rare item is:


Vampire Essence Necklace is a rare item from July 2010 . It has six different colors. The colors are red, black,yellow,blue, purple and white. For females, The MPA is 6,084,845(red), 7,033,065(black), 5,631,003(blue), 5,141,388(yellow), 4,385,254(purple) and 7,212,932(white). For males, the MPA is 5,194,412(red), 8,741,865(black), 4,385,771(blue), 4-5 million(yellow), 3,658,986(purple), 6,841,682(white). For females, the worth is 6.4-7million(red), 7.5-8 million(black), 5.7-6.2 million(blue), 5.5-8 million(yellow), 4,5-5,2 million(purple) and 7.5-8.2 million(white) . For males, the worth is 5.2-6.4 million(red), 7-8 million(black), 5-6 million(blue), 4-5 million(yellow), 4-5 million(purple) and 6-7 million(white). Vampire Essence Necklace matches most of the outfits.

What do you think of Vampire Essence Necklace?

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