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Trick Or Treat!

Here are the 2012 Trick or Treat items!


  • Fright Box 2009 – Super Rare
  • Fright Box 2010 – Super Rare
  • Fright Box 2011 – Super Rare
  • Fright Box 2012 – Super Rare
  • Pumpkin On Your Head – Super Rare
  • Dusk Lady / Lord Cape – Rare
  • Skull Rock Dress – Rare
  • Skull Rock Tank-Top – Rare
  • Skull Rock Tigh-Highs – Rare
  • Skull Rock Pants – Rare
Picture of items available from Trick or Treat:

And here is the basket:


Credit to:

GD UnicornHooker, MareksGregs and ItsBojan

I love that we are going to have more Fright Boxes ♥

Don’t forget that the treat baskets will also have the normal candy (both temporary and permanent as well)


But that’s not all!

Here is preview of October monthly items:

I love them ♥


Happy trick or treating!

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