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Halloween vehicles, Halloween pixie pets, Nightmare aura and name icon: Preview

As you all know our next update is on October 15th! Get excited because here are the previews! Some of the things this update will bring us are the creative Halloween vehicles, the spooky Halloween pixie pets and finally the snazzy name icons!


  Note: ***These items are only out on playtest***

Prices for vehicles:


   Preview: Witches broom.


Magic Cauldron   ***Credits to Rob for posing as the model for the magic cauldron***

Prices for pixie pets and Nightmare aura:

Preview:(Right side of Holmes the hound of darkness)

(Left side of Holmes the hound of darkness)

Preview:  (Pose 1 of Shane the shadow crow)

(Pose 2 of Shane the shadow crow)

(Pose 3 of Shane the shadow crow)

Preview: Nightmare aura

Name icon previews:

Note: *** The red circle is not included. I drew it***

So what do you guys think? Like it? Love it?


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