Olympic shop and Coin fountain!

These features are currently scheduled to be released July 9, 2012: 

Olympic shop


There is a new Olympic shop, every country has flag, bag and jacket. And it’s located on Boardwalk.

Check it out:

 When you click on it, this says:

I picked mine for example. :)

And we’ll show you all items, from all countries available.



Coin fountain


Coin fountain is located in Soho, you can choose how much coins you will put.

There is a chance of winning coins and wishing star, and jackpot.

When you threw in coin:

And you wrap gift:

Or if you are lucky:

  This is how the pet looks like:


Other updates:

New Games: Strange Invaders and Simple Motions

 New Furniture: All designers except Lucky 7 have new furniture items.

Dance Planet Songs: 40 new songs. A little easier than before.

New Chat Dialog: New dialog to fit the number of letters you type.


And as you know how to be playtester, I can post codes right?:)

If you don’t know click here.

  300 Gems: EE91-B5B4-23CE-A482
1,000,000 Coins: 4AD0-9600-73A6-85CA
 1 Month Residency: 7CFC-35A9-5370-76A1


 Happy with updates? Leave comment below. :)

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