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ourWorld Updates: Chat Room Events, Christmas Caroling, Stampbook Marketplace Filter Preview

We will have new updates on December 10th!

Click the image~


❅ Chatroom Events ❅

There will be a new Event option – here is a preview of the new system!

Select an event type – NORMAL / CHAT ROOM

You can add a question as a Discussion topic and create up to 4 different answers.

When the start of your Chat Room event takes place, select an answer.

Every answer has an individual color.  Your name’s background colour depends on the selected answer. For example, if you have chosen the green (“Test!”) answer, your name in the chat room will appear with a green background (as seen in the picture). This way, players in the conversation know which answer you have chosen.

Enjoy your chat! ♥

❅ Stampbook Marketplace Filter ❅

Another useful update – Stampbook Marketplace Filter will allow you to look only for items you need to complete your Stampbook collection.

❅ Christmas Caroling ❅

Read more about Christmas Caroling here:

Christmas Stocking: Price [OurGemCodes]

Stocking Items: 2012 [OurGemCodes]

Winter Stocking IS Coming Back[OurGemCodes]

Note: Unfortunately, ourWorld players will not be able to use the Stocking from last year to gather up gifts.


Which update is the most useful, in your opinion? Leave us a message ~♥~


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