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ourWorld Updates: Level Increase Preview

On October 29th, get ready to boost your level up to 150! I’m sure you’ve heard about the maximum level increase, I found the latest news very exciting. ♥ Until now, the maximum level was the level 100, but we were able to level up after we’ve reached the final number (but our actual level wasn’t visible). For that, we’ve gotten Coin Boxes or Fright Mystery Boxes 2010 each time. Now, ourWorld is ready to change the level system!

Here’s a little preview for you.

Note: there are not much gratifications added to the levels, yet. In other words, there are no new dance moves/vehicles for each level above +100.

But, for reaching level 100, you’re granted a special ability to adopt a child.

View this post to find more about ourWorld Families!

Furthermore, for reaching level 120, your ourWorld family number can grow bigger!

View this post to find out more about Maximum Level Increase.

Here’s the Level Progress Chart:

Level icons:

Note: you will receive the bonus boxes after reaching the level 150


I’m currently on level 124 (playTest) and 107 (live ourWorld)

What level are you on? Click “Comment” (;


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