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ourWorld Updates (Sept 30th, 2013)

These features are scheduled to be released September 30th:

* Halloween 2013 Clothing and Pixi-Pets: In stores 9/30.

* Oct. 2013 Mister/Miss Bones Set and Jack O’View: In stores or available 10/1.

* Haunted House Condo Mystery Box 2013: In stores now.

* Other Features: Halloween Backgrounds in Snaps, Trick-or-Treat 2013

Trick-or-Treat Items:

* Checker Me Out Dress (female only)
* Checker Me Out Jacket (male only)
* Dashing Devil Monocle
* Fang Fun Cape
* Fright Mystery Box 2009
* Fright Mystery Box 2010
* Fright Mystery Box 2011
* Fright Mystery Box 2012
* Fright Mystery Box 2013
* Holmes The Hound Of Darkness
* Prim Pumpkin Jacket (female only)
* Prim Pumpkin Vest (male only)
* Skull Wicked Witch Hat
* Sugar Skull Face Tattoo
* …and of course temporary/permanent Candies

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