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Did you know ourWorld characters like Collette, Edwin, Otto, etc. have their very own items!  It’s true!!!  They’re not available for purchase in any of the stores and you can’t actually wear them.  But you can add them to your wish list for wishful thinking, “maybe one day…”

Here’s the low-down on how to find them:

Step 1: Search Friends

Search for any of the ourWorld NPC's. We searched for Otto!

Step 2: View Outfit

Click the button on the bottom right!

Step 3: See Items

Here is a List of all the NPC Items

***You can ask Melvin to be your friend!  He’s in Crews Control.  I asked him once.  He rejected me.  It was about a year ago.  I’m still pretty upset about it.  Sometimes it keeps me up at night haunting my very dreams.  So I stay awake writing emo poems:

“Melvin, oh Melvin… my heart beats for you to no end.  Melvin, oh Melvin… Why won’t you be my friend? :(“

WAHHHH!!! NO ONE LIKES ME!!!  *cries with Edwin*  And that’s my life story about friendship. The end.

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