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Secrets: Limited Items

Did you know you can buy limited items AFTER they’ve expired?  Just add them to your wishlist then buy them whenever you want.  Here’s a step-by-step guide to see you through:

These are limited items. Let's buy them!

Step 1: Search Friends

Go to your friend’s list and search: “Items Store”

Step 2: Click Wishlist Button

Click on the star at the bottom-right (see image below)

Step 3: Select an item

Currently all the items are for boys.  But we’ll have girl items soon!

Our store has ALL limited boy items

Step 4: Buy Item

After you select an item, choose “buy for me”
Even though it’s limited, you’ll still be able to buy it :]

This can be done with any limited item (not including mystery boxes or monthly items).  Just add the limited item to your wishlist and you can buy it later.  As of now, we only have a store for limited boy items.  We’ll update with a girl store soon.  Most likely, this exploit will not be fixed.


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