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Trick or Treating tip/trick for when people are blocking the basket

How many times have you seen this during Trick or Treating?

Someone blocking the basket and AFK or refusing to move  (Modeled here by a friend who is never rude like that).  Sure you could throw a candy or bottle, but why waste your throwables when there is another way?

Step 1 – Click on the person closest to the basket then press your  tab key until the box moves to the basket.

How do you know that the basket is full or empty?
Simple when it’s empty, the shape around it is small rectangle.  When it’s full, the shape is big rectangle.

 Step 2 – When the candy is ready, press enter and voila! you have your treat. :)

Credit for this helpful trick/tip: Ow Elite Stani

Tell us what you think about this tip.  Will you use it?  Leave a comment below.

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