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(5² – 15) Things Avakin Life needs in 2021 otherwise they’re just another wannabe IMVU clone :)

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I’m not salty. It’s just banter and humor. If you must, go watch my 2017 video where I suggest lots of ideas that Avakin Life actually added:

Personally, I think the developing team at LockWood is doing a phenomenal job. Since the time I left and the time I returned; there have been incredible improvements. Honestly, great work. I wouldn’t have come back if the game hadn’t improved the way it has.

If I had to suggest anything; I’d say the community department at LockWood is still incredibly bad. In future videos, you’ll see copyright strikes made on my channel (and other channels) – just a complete disregard to customer service and countless other letdowns. The main focus of any community leader is to inspire and protect the positive community driving your game. Also, I’d continue promoting content creators within the community like other successful social media apps and stop promoting “musicians” who the community could care-less about. I’m also biased.

Either way, like I said in 2017, I am very interested in following the development of Lockwood Publishing and Avakin Life.
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0:00 Weird Intro
0:47 Where’s the credit?
1:48 Add a wishlist
2:08 Sell Clothes
2:20 Scalable Avatars
2:43 OGC News – Age
4:14 Mature Chat
4:30 Paywalls
4:57 Membership
5:24 Sponsored Ad
6:14 Label Items
6:32 Photo Album
6:50 Better Events
7:14 Piercings
7:34 Couple Poses
7:45 Message System
8:09 End Video
9:09 Profile Customization
9:26 Diamonds for Coins

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Creative Direction: Donnel Garner
Writing/Research: Donnel Garner & Mary Odisho
Music & Sound: Envato

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