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If you have 3 of these 6 symptoms, then you’re suffering from Avakin Life Addiction, but I can help

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Avakin Life addiction is a serious illness. It’s mobile-device addiction. It’s internet addiction. It’s gaming addiction. Social Media is being considered a drug because dopamine is released in unhealthy amounts by simply interacting online; especially in certain games and apps. Researchers say more dopamine is released through interacting with social media than you’d get by ingesting certain drugs — that’s concerning.

The reason I bring this important subject up is to make everyone aware of their internet usage. It’s healthy to separate from your devices; even for a single day. Challenge yourself to do so. You don’t need to log-in daily. Trust me, you’ll be okay.

This is hard for me to admit, but for awhile, I faced online addictions. I found myself spending days in front of a computer. I wouldn’t eat. I disconnected from real-life friends and family. I wasn’t healthy. And more importantly, I wasn’t happy.

There were many reasons why I stepped away from social media and the internet altogether. It took me nearly 3 years of not being around a computer to fully return back to a normal lifestyle. Now I upload again. And Im much healthier because I limit my internet usage.

So take my story as inspiration. You can recover from Avakin Life addiction too. Thank you lol

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0:00 Don’t do Social Media
1:22 OGC News
3:05 chapter 3
3:30 Symptom 6
3:49 Symptom 5
4:08 Symptom 4
4:34 Symptom 3
4:53 Sponsor
5:26 Symptom 2
5:54 Symptom 1
6:34 Thank God it’s over

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