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I’m sorry.

This video was necessary. My channel received its 2nd strike within a 3-month period. It has come to my attention that people want my channel taken down. I’ve worked very hard on my channel. It concerns me that hateful-types would want to take that away from me.

My channel serves to capture the culture within communities. Some of my videos are in poor-taste and I apologize. I apologize to LockWood for saying they only contacted me once. I made a mistake. LockWood has contacted me multiple times. Adam, Abbey, and Jessie have contacted me. I’ve even interviewed LKWD Jessie on my site located at ourgemcodes.com. The community team at LockWood work very hard on creating a fun and safe environment on Avakin Life. LockWood may not always reach out to their content creators and that’s okay. Because the community recognizes you even if LockWood does not.

It has also come to my attention that the Avakin Life community is becoming toxic. I’m beginning to see leaders in the community spread lies about people that are simply untrue. I do not condone witch-hunts. I’ve seen this happen many times in gaming communities. Please do not trust people who claim to know me. I have a sarcastic troll-ish sense of humor, and I apologize. I do admire the work of all content creators (even the bad ones).

Lastly, I want to apologize to my true supporters. I am far from perfect. But I want you to know that I’m always striving to do bigger and better things. I may not always articulate myself the best but I genuinely do not mean any harm in any videos I publish. Thank you all for watching and I will begin a new series on Monday of next week. Sorry for everything. And until next time.

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