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5 FUN WAYS OF STARTING A CONVO ON HighRise to guarantee friendship for the socially awkward

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Konnichiwa HighRise. My name’s DonnyPie. I make HighRise content. And as an introvert who experiences crippling social behaviors, I have a hard time meeting new people; even on a game as impersonal as HighRise. I think that’s why I started playing HighRise to begin with. Because real life scares me… And I’m socially awkward.

#5 – Act as if the person you’ve just met is a long lost friend
Just pretend to be best friends with people you’ve never met. If you don’t accept your own reality then it can be whatever you want it to be!

#4 – Ask a “would you rather” question
Save your best friend from getting banned?
Or make a new best friend who pays you 500K gold per month?

#3 – Open up with a PickUp Line
“Is your friendship for sale?” No? Then how about your heart? Oh. you’re heartless? That’s okay. My mom said hearts are like seeds. They can only grow if they’re watered with love everyday.
..Oh, wait… That explains why she tried drowning me all those times.
Because she wanted my heart to grow!

#2 – Pretend to be in a relationship & Breakup with them in front of all their friends

#1 – Play Truth or Dare
Truth or Dare is a great game to play. But like many people, it’s hard to come up with questions to ask; especially on a game like HighRise. Which is why I’ve compiled an entire list of really good Truth or Dare questions you can ask on my blog located at ourgemcodes.com.

Well, I hope these conversation starters help you find an online bestie. And quite honestly, at least it’s not another conversation about items, offers, or gold. Sometimes, it’s nice to talk about something other than pixels in a game. And add me on HighRise @DonnyPie

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Donny Pie

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