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HighRise Gold Discounts, Coupons, and Codes (the most cost-effective way to buy items using TapJoy)

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This is the most cost-effective way of buying gold on HighRise. It’s great (if you have money). Just use TapJoy, but download a game with a rewards tier. Compare prices for purchasing in-game items. And you’ll be rewarded in HighRise for better value than you’d normally pay. You’re welcome!
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Edited & Produced by: Donnel Garner
Creative Direction: Donnel Garner
Writing/Research: Donnel Garner & Mary Odisho
Music & Sound: Envato

Donny Pie

Hello! My name is Donnel Garner. I created ourGemCodes in 2010. I have my degree in Computer Science. I’m a web developer, entrepreneur, content creator, and United States Submariner. I am a young philanthropist and contribute to open source foundations.

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