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Here’s everything you need to know:

* The Absolute Zero Condo Box is scheduled to release November 11th, 2013.

* The Absolute Zero Condo Box will cost 30 gems.

* The Absolute Zero Condo Box will be removed from stores Early January 2014.


Items In the Box:
Igloo Daybed
Winter Globe Lamp
Snowy Birch Settee
Snowy Birch Stool
Winter Lighted Tree
Snowy Birch Bed
Birdbath Endtable
Captured Snowflake Lamp
Crystal Winter Plant
Dead Winter Bench
Ice-Cream Sandwich Bench
Icicle Dining Chair
Icicle Dining Table
Icicle Sled Floor Lamp
Snowflake Ice Bed
Snow Globe Coffee Table
Snowman Chest O Drawers
Snowy Birch Chair
Snowy Birch Table
Snowy Owl
Winter Sleigh Lounge
Snow Ball Decal


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