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CRINGE!!! Bill Nye’s Netflix show is coming back for Season 2 LOL

Bill Nye rose to popularity for premiering science videos.  He USED to be cool.  Notice how I said, “used to be.”  Did you see the video posted above?  Cringe AF.  He’s being too extra.  Don’t try so hard to-be-cool, ol’ Billy boy.

Last year, Bill Nye premiered a Netflix original show called Bill Nye Save’s The World.  Bill talked about “controversial” political issues and how science can solve/explain these issues.  Except, well, the Bill Nye show came off condescending and lacked serious credibility.  Half the people on his show were brainless celebrities with the mental capacity of a field mouse and Bill Nye would yell at his audience.  But the show must have done well enough, because it’s coming back for another season.

The streaming platform has released an official teaser for Bill Nye Saves the World’s second season, which the science educator has posted on Facebook.

Unfortunately, Netflix won’t be announcing its launch date until later this year. That means we still don’t know whether the show will retain the first season’s format and whether it will use all the criticisms it received to deliver a better second season. If you’ll recall, the show was criticized for not delving deep enough into the topics it’s trying to discuss, with Nye frequently yelling his stance at the audience.

Hopefully Billy doesn’t try too hard to-be-cool this time.
Will you watch the series?

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  1. I don’t really think its cringey, a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do to evolve with the current generation. I don’t see it as trying to be cool I just see it as a man who wants to show his points of view in a way that it can make the generation he taught before stay with the content that is being produced as that Netflix series. I love Bill Nye and always will, he is just trying to be in the childhoods of the current generation like he was in our own, we might see it as cringe but the little kids who will watch him might believe he is a cool guy and they will learn what he has to say, he just wants to be appealing to his newer audiences.

    1. I agree 100%. Bill is trying to appeal to the younger audience at the expense of his own reputation. We have to give Nye credit for that level of courage.

      Unfortunately, Bill’s show isn’t as much about science as it’s about politics and the growing concern of worldwide issues. Bill uses science to disguise this fact and pushes a political agenda with little to no evidence backing it. As someone who grew up watching Bill Nye, I miss his old stuff. I can hardly recognize this new Bill Nye at all.

      Let’s hope Bill takes the criticism from season 1 and applies it to season 2.
      Talk science. Not politics (like the Bill Nye we grew to love).

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