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Dr. Phil exposes teen who claims she’s 9-months pregnant with baby jesus, but she’s LITERALLY FULL OF SHIT!

[wpsm_dropcap]A[/wpsm_dropcap] teen who says she is pregnant with baby Jesus gets an ultrasound so she can prove to her family – who claims she’s a liar — that she’s really having a baby.

In the video, the teen claims she is 9 days away from delivery.  But as shown by the doctor, she isn’t pregnant.  She’s just full of poop.  So in 9 days, she will deliver 9-months worth of shit.  It’s a crazy story and a lot of constipation, as we can imagine.

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  1. Hey I was looking up gem codes today and I saw something about this video while I was searching and I’ve seen this before through Dr. Phil and this same girl also goes on Dr. Phil after the baby Jesus ordeal to say that she is the daughter of Eminem

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