TEGway’s new technology ThermoReal makes virtual reality more realistic: user’s experience pain!

Imagine a not-so-distant future where you can experience hot, cold, and pain in virtual reality.  That future is now.

TEGway is a developer and manufacturer of flexible thermoelectric generator devices and application products.  In simple terms, they make cool shit.  Their latest invention involves using a thermoelectric device that can drastically heighten the realism of a game by adding heat, chill and pain the VR/AR experience.  They’re calling this tool: ThermoReal.

According to the official website, ThermoReal can do all these things:

  • synchronize thermal expression with video/game scenes with no delay
  • execute multi-zones dynamic control functions, and
  • contact with human body directly and conformally.

TEGway has began to file numerous patent applications in the areas of fabricating flexible thermo-electric device technologies, hardware design and applications, and software algorithms for thermal realism.

ourgemcodes is in no way affiliated with TEGway.

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