Virtual Reality is becoming more real with VR-Enhanced Roller Coaster Rides

SeaWorld Orlando’s all-new Kraken Unleashed officially opened June 16th, 2017.  Thrill-seekers wear a VR headset while riding a roller coaster through, what-would-seem like, an underwater adventure.

The Kraken Rollercoaster reaches heights of 150 feet (15 stories high) and reaches speeds over 50mph.

Virtual Reality 4D rides have seen a rise in popularity from 2015.  Since then, VR has seen an increase in different services in the thrill-ride industry.  Here are a few amusement parks who have already incorporate VR rides to their attractions:

Technology advancements have made Virtual Reality a prime candidate for amusement park rides.  We saw this first at Disney World’s Haunted Mansion where they used camera lighting to make ghosts appear on your lap.  Who would’ve thought incorporating actual headsets for a more IMMERSIVE experience.

Would you ever ride a VR RollerCoaster?

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