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4 Fun Chat Games

Are you bored?  ourWorld is a social game.  It’s only fun if you’re socializing.  Here are some games you can play with friends to entertain yourself:

Strip Dance Battle

This game is fun to play in your condo with a friend or significant other.  Things can get pretty hot so try your best to win.  If you lose, you have to genie the other person and confess your love to them.


Strip Dance Battle: 2 Players

Rules:  Both players must put on a jacket, shirt, bottoms, socks, shoes, gloves, hat, belt, and glasses (9 items)

How To Play:  Players dance off against each other. If you lose, you must take off 1 piece of clothing.

Truth or Dare

This game is old but good.   Lots of people will always choose truth.  So ask them questions that make them feel uncomfortable.


Truth or Dare: 2-5 Players

How To Play: Take turns asking each other truth or dare.

Rules:  If you choose truth then you MUST tell the truth.  If you choose dare then you MUST do the dare.

Some dares include: leaving naughty comments on your crush’s profile / dancing naked on people / making naughty events

Word Association

This game is all about judging people.  You are supposed to judge them based on their answers.  Good luck!

word association

Word Association: 2 Players

How To Play: Say a word.  The other player must answer with the first thing that comes to mind.

Examples of words to use: Table | Banana | Oysters | Chocolate | 6 Pack | Cucumbers | Lipstick | Waterfall | Candy | Games | Relationship | Etc…

Never Have I Never (Strip Game)

Here’s a naughty game you can play with multiple people.  It’s really fun too!

i never game

Never Have I Ever: 3-4 Players

Rules: Players must put on a jacket, shirt, bottoms, socks, shoes, gloves, hat, belt, and glasses (9 items)

How To Play: Players take turns making statements beginning with “Never Have I Ever…”  If you have done what is stated then you must remove clothing.  For example, I would say, “Never have I ever… hit a girl before.”  Then if Chris Brown were playing, he’d have to take off a piece of clothing because he, obviously, has hit a girl.

Examples: I never kissed a boy before. | I never saw any movies of Harry Potter. | I never tried Cheerios before. | I never cheated on a test. | I never have been in a fight. | I never say never.

What games do you play with your friends?
Leave a comment below!

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