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8 Types of OGC Comments

I noticed OGC has the same general comments. Here they are:

#8.  Gem Code comments

gem codes

We don’t make the gem codes.  We can’t magically make codes appear.  All we do is repost the codes on this site where people can find them.

#7.  Troll comments


The secret to good trolling is to trick people into thinking you’re serious.  Try it sometime.

#6. Trade comments

trade requests

I’m trying to trade some items.  Someone trade with me, please.

#5.  Outfit comments


These are my favorite type of comments.  I love it when ourWorlders upload pictures of their outfits.  I always upvote these ones.

#4. Gem Code Comments

new codes

Every post, no matter what, you’ll always find someone who says… WHERE ARE THE GEM CODESSSS?!!? GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!

#3. Random Comments


I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I liked it anyway.

#2. First Comments

first comment

Every. single. post. ever. made. since. forever.  seriously.

#1.  Did we mention Gem Code Comments?

oh my god

You know that we don’t make gem codes, right?  Well we don’t make the gem codes.  It’s true.  We only post them.  Okay thanx bye.

Keep leaving comments.   I love reading them all.

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