Game of the Week: Black White Car

black white MONSTER TRUCK


I’ve gotta make this quick since in about ten minutes my Internet will disappear.

This week’s game is NOT for the faint of heart. Black White Car, an Action game suggested by Clinical, involves a totally freaking awesome car that can jump into a helicopter, burrow, and turn into a monster truck. Avoid rocks and birds, and do what the instructions say, and you’ll be golden.

This game is laptop-friendly; its controls are the arrow keys.

Here are some tips:

  • Try half-jumping where there are both birds and rocks- you could burrow, but this might be a valuable technique later.
  • Collect stars- get three and you’ll become a rocket, flying through outer space where there’s tons of MONEY!
  • When you get to the first boss- the one that’s like, a teleporting wall- jump on him while he’s flat on the ground.
  • If you hold the up arrow key, you’ll stay sticking to your helicopter for as long as you hold.
  • Monster truck mode (shown in the screenshot) will render you INVINCIBLE! Too bad it’s only temporary…

Everyone knows you guys are all awesome gangster car bandit dudes at heart. GO BE EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!!

er, yeah, sorry about that. Anyways, if you have a suggestion send me a message or a comment. I probably won’t get back to you right away, thanks to my parents deciding to cut off our Internet and move us cross-country… but I will take any and all suggestions once I manage to become one with the interwebs again.

One more thing: I’ve noticed that there are some people who basically take my posts and repost them. This doesn’t make me mad. I’m absolutely fine with it. (MORE POWER! Jeez, I really do watch too much Soul Eater.) But guys, please, if you’re going to post stuff I wrote, please give me credit. I’m watching you.

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