Game of the Week: Color Fill


This week’s Arcade game, suggested by wait wat, is a simple game based on timing and logic. Color Fill is a… well, very colorful game where you try to fence off sections of color whilst avoiding and trapping enemies. Doug Bot has a series of challenges for this game, where you can win badges, Flow, and a T-shirt.

This game can be annoying on a laptop (firsthand experience, hehe) since unless you have one of those super fancy ones with a scroll wheel built into the trackpad you have to use the spacebar to switch directions.

Here are some tips:

  • Try to finish each level sectioning off as little as possible, since you get a bonus for each unused color.
  • Your lives refill after every level, so don’t fret if you’re down to one.
  • Using the spacebar or scroll wheel, you can switch the direction of your magical color walls.
  • Try to trap enemies, but not within their own color.
  • You can see which color you’re about to make by looking at the color of your cursor. Unless you’re colorblind, in which case you maybe shouldn’t be playing the game anyways.

I’m still giving out free air guitars to anyone who suggests a game, since I’ve gotten very few requests in the last few weeks. Leave your suggestion in the comments or shoot me a message on ourWorld. (Please, though, do not use the comments as a troll haven. As I said a few weeks ago: This isn’t Homestuck, and trolls aren’t cool.)

See y’all next week! oh or maybe not depending upon if I have play practice… Just kidding. Of course you’ll see me and I’ll see you. :P

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