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Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a good day…

This week’s Matching game has often been labeled the King of All Games, at least on ourWorld. Why is Fishdom (suggested by Willing) so famous? Well, it’s suspected by most to award more Flow than any other game, and it’s really easy.

Here are some tips:

  • Scoring gold tiles in the game not only advances the level, it gains you gold for your aquarium.
  • You’ll earn a bonus score once you have trophies in the aquarium.
  • Match groups larger than 3 to get more points and powerups.
  • There is a different powerup for matching anything from 5 to 7 in a row.
  • There is also a powerup for getting a chain reaction, so think ahead!

I apologize if this post wasn’t its usual quality, I’m really busy preparing for my finals (ahh! next week already?!) so I had to put it together in about ten minutes.

If you have a suggestion for a game, send me a comment, message, or comment on this post. Remember, I can only feature one game per week, but I will try to fulfill everyone’s wishes.

Have fun growing your aquarium!

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