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spin and win


Hey everyone, happy late Cinco de Mayo… (though I guess it’d be Siete de Mayo now). But let’s get to the point. I’m here to post games, not wish you well. (Sheesh, now I feel like a jerk.)

This week’s game, while it’s mostly luck, is very addicting and gets a good amount of Flow. It’s called a Puzzle game, really without reason… Spin and Win was suggested to me by many people, among them moons dark sides. My apologies if you were one of the others and I haven’t written your name… I seem to have lost the sticky note that I wrote them all down on.

Anyways, there isn’t much strategy to this game, but here are some tips anyways…

  • Always choose extra turns when given the choice!
  • In Find the Spades, all the spades will be in a row. Try turning the four on the diagonal to find out which row.
  • It takes a while to get used to the money ladder one or whatever it’s called. For the first two, try stopping it on the green, for the second two try stopping it when it’s red, and for the last one just try to be lucky.
  • Start with 8 or 9 in the pick a number game.
  • Wear as much Flow boosting gear as you can, because even if you fail at the game, you’ll still earn a bunch of Flow.

That’s really all I have to say. Good luck…

If you have a suggestion for a game, send me a message on ourWorld or a comment on this post. I’ll try to take all suggestions, but I’m a little bit busy preparing for finals, and of course I can only feature one game per week. If you’re too shy to contact the other authors about their topics, I’m actually open to (almost) all kinds of conversation… *forever alone*

Well, go earn some Flow I guess.

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P.S. Regarding last week’s game! There are actually two cheats I hadn’t ever noticed that were brought to my attention by our lovely commentors. The first is if you stand under a tree and just leave for a while, you’ll get a good amount of Flow. The second is that (and I’ve verified this) you can skip levels by pressing the R key.

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