Is OGC is turning into an ourWorld GOSSIP BLOG?!?

OGC Magazine

OurGemCodes is coming back as the world’s first virtual-reality gossip blog.  Something like a teen gossip magazine, but for ourWorld.

Everyone knows ourWorld is full of gossip and drama.  It’s one of the main reasons we play the game.  On OGC, we’ll post about the juiciest gossip.  And to give you an idea of what posts will be about, titles may read:

“Is an IMPOSTER playing on LADY EPIC’S account?”

More headlines:

“CAUGHT CHEATING: Burrito is seen naked in a private condo (photos)”

More headlines:

“OGC REVEALS why Skye Pie stopped posting on ourgemcodes”

All stories are developing and will continue on a week-to-week basis, updating you on the latest news.

Disclaimer: Post may contain rumors, speculation, assumptions, opinions, and factual information.  Postings may contain erroneous or inaccurate information. Also, we will not post any username’s without given consent.

Posts will made daily beginning Sept 1st
Would you like to read about the latest gossip?

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