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This week we embark upon an epic quest with a turn-based dungeon strategy game, Monster’s Den. Monster’s Den is a very complicated game, and it takes a while to figure out tips and tricks about it. (I’ll start you off, though.) If you like fantasy games, this game is definitely for you. With five types of monsters to kill (I’m fighting Orcs in the screenshot) and several character classes to choose from, no two games ever go exactly the same.

Here are some tips:

~You can name your characters whatever you want- as you can see, I’ve named mine after some of the most well-known forumers. You can also set a custom picture from almost anywhere on the Internet.

~When in the dungeon, dark areas are parts you have not yet explored. You can also use the Map Hint button to find monsters.

~Normal battles appear as silver swords with a red lining, boss battles are gold swords with a pinkish purple outline, and there’s one other type of battle… no spoilers!

~There are three campaigns to choose from when you start a game. Don’t start with Endless Mode. If  you aren’t a turn-based game kind of person, I would start on Beginner difficulty.

~When you receive a Portal Scroll you can use it to go shopping. Drag it onto any character and you’ll go to the store. You can buy new items with the gold you get selling items. Some may even be rare items!

~Purple items are only obtainable through shopping and boss battles. Orange items come from killing Demons or double boss battles. Yellow items only show up in the Den of Terror campaign.

~If you completely clear a dungeon you have the option to use the entrance of the next level as another healing altar. So while it may not be the most fun to struggle through each and every horde of monsters, there’s a good reason.

~It takes a really long time to figure out everything, so always read everything, explore the whole dungeon, and poke around on your character statistics page.

Now you must go into Mordor… (okay, maybe not, but it sounded cooler.)

Good luck on your quests- next week we’ll be fighting zombies in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

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