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ourWorld : 6 things that make ourworld unique

This post was submitted by a guest author.

Hey guys!  Here’s a list of 5 thing that make ourWorld unique!

MMORPG Style Virtual World

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ourWorld is the only game where you level up by earning flow.  Leveling up is fun to do, especially when there are so many ways to do it.  There is dance planet, test-mode 42, voting in contests, playing games, and so much more!

You can level up to 150.  Once you get flow you can go to the bubbler and spend that flow.  Flow will boost your bar right under where it says your level.  (It takes 13,188 flow to get all the way through levels 1-100!)

ourWorld Exclusive Games

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ourWorld has exclusive games like the Critter Derby, Poker Cabana, and Pool.  As we all know, Ourworld has hundreds of mini games you can play; all with different categories, such as: puzzle, strategy,  arcade, matching, and action.  These games lets you do fun stuff while playing Ourworld.

ourWorld Quests!

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ourWorld NPC’s have a ton of quests to give you.  These quests involve going to your condo, playing games, going to your house and much more.  By doing quests you can earn items and flow! :)

Marketplace & Trading

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Ah yes!  Doesn’t everyone love to trade?  I feel this is what people love most about ourWorld.  The exchange of items for new ones.  Or if you’re not the trading type; you can even sell your items for coins.  Trading is a great way to get rid of your old items and get new ones.

ourWorld Dungeon Keys

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Dungeon keys are a great way to get a couple hundred gems or a box, if you’re lucky.  Once you have a key you have to wait awhile before you can spend it.  And the fun part is getting to choose what chest to pick because it’s a mystery on which item you’ll receive.  May the force be with you!

Critter Garden

There is no other game where you can grow pets from eggs by using nests you purchased in a Critter Garden store (and that sentence was excessive).  Let’s just say, the critter garden is unique in its own right.  Now go grow some pets and sell them!

Critter Garden furniture, eggs, nests and power-ups


This post was submitted by a guest author.

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