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Rare Item Sunday: Lion Claws Dark

Hello! It’s Sunday again! *O*

This week Rare Item Sunday is:

dark claws

Fu Lion Claws is a Super Rare item from Dark Mystery Box 2009. It has been increasingly popular in these few months.Its MPA is 16,121,437(Female) and 13,948,603(Male). It has a last sale price of 18,100,000(Female) and 15,000,000(Male). It has a current worth of 15-18 million. The worth of Fu Lion Claws have increased by 6-9 million. The offers received are quite okay. It matches most of the outfits.

What do you think of Lion Claws Dark? Would you trade for them? 

Do you want to suggest a rare Item? You can do that now by sending in your suggestions to OurWorld Name: EMLLY. All suggestions will be considered. What are you waiting for? Send in your suggestions now! *O*

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