China Bans Gay Content from the internet and calls homosexuality “Abnormal”

Image Credit: Reuters

On Friday June 30th, 2017, China released a new regulation banning any display of “abnormal sexual behaviors” — including homosexuality — in online video and audio content.  It is unknown how strict they will enforce these new regulations, but you can expect search engines to be biased against such behaviors.

According to Reuters, the regulation published by the China Netcasting Services Association (CNSA), lays out strict censorship rules for online content ranging from movies and documentaries to cartoons and educational videos.

Content will be edited or even banned if it promotes “luxurious lifestyles,” shows “violent and criminal processes in detail,” demonstrates “obscenity” including masturbation or displays “abnormal sexual behaviors” such as homosexuality.

The regulation is seen as another step of Chinese authorities’ efforts to tighten its control over online media.  Weibo, China’s top micro-blogging site, vowed to enforce these new laws.

“Trying to regulate and censor people’s desires is as absurd as trying to regulate and censor people’s appetites.”

Geng Le, the creator of Blued, one of China’s most popular gay dating apps, and a grand marshal at this year’s NYC Pride Parade, also disagreed with the rules. He pointed to the fact that China has removed homosexuality as a mental illnesses in 2001, and that the World Health Organization had done so in as early as 1990.

Do you think this is too much censoring?

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