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Author Perks: Become an author on our site and get free membership, gems, gifts and more! Just post at least five quality articles per month for at least 3.14 months. Easy as pie!

You must be capable of these 3 things:

  • Video Editor (Video Tutorials uploaded via YouTube)
  • Author (Comprehensive Guides & Funny Articles)
  • Graphic Designer (Good with paint, photoshop, gimp)

Are you an experienced player in some of the fastest growing games? Are you a kind and genuine person with a lot to say, but you lack the ability to reach a large enough audience? Are you interested in helping ourgemcodes? Well you’ve come to the right place!

ourgemcodes is always looking for experienced writers who are passionate about virtual worlds and blogging.  We’re building a team and want you to be part of it.  And of course our writers must have a highly refined taste for heavenly baked treats we’ve come to know as cookies ^_^

Blogger Guidelines:

  • Posts must be original and only for
  • Writer posts must not be republished on other sites.
  • Posts must not be promotional of other sites (this includes your sites, videos, etc.), however we can link to your username on our forum with your bio. From there you can link to your sites, videos, and whatnot.
  • Grammar must be accurate and all content must be hosted on
  • All contests are to be held in our forum, under the category “Contests/Freebies”

Where do I apply?

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What do I do now?

Register to our Forums. Begin making useful posts. If people like your posts and like what you have to say then we’ll definitely make you an author! Most likely, it will take a month or more before any consideration at all. We will go over your posts to see if you are talented enough to work on our site. If you meet our basic requirements then we’ll discuss author opportunities in later messages. This is all due to our high amount of inquires we have on the subject. Good luck and may the force be with you 8-)

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