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As an enlisted non-commissioned officer in the US Navy, I found Midway extremely stupid and offensive | Reviews

In the movie Midway, officers are rewarded with all the glory while the enlisted personnel are portrayed almost servant-like. All you ever see enlisted do is ...

Terminator: Dark Fate’s CGI is so realistic, you’ll completely forget that all the characters are illegal | Reviews

Welcome to the day after Judgement Day with CGI so realistic, it's hard to draw the line between what's real and what's fake.  Also, Mexicans.

The Merkins YouTube Channel makes parodies of famous songs. And it’s perfect for Halloween.

The Merkins is a YouTube channel created June of 2015 and has accumulated over 50 million views at the time of this post.  The Merkins channel is a novelty ...

Are “gay games” an emerging niche market? Steam thinks so.

With an overwhelming amount of games on the market, developers are seeking out different story-telling methods in order to reach new audiences. Are "gay games" ...

Ancestry.com will most definitely clone me and not you because you suck and I’m awesome | Mental Health & Technology

We could all be living in a Utopian future. After I submit my saliva to Ancestry.com, they will instantly realize my DNA is the most superior DNA on the planet ...

The complete list of Borderlands 3 SHiFT Codes & Golden Key Unlocks — The easy way of getting legendary items.

Here is the complete list of Borderlands 3 Shift Codes. These codes will grant you Golden Keys which can be used in a special treasure chest on Sanctuary III. ...

MovieStarPlanet announced a downloadable version of their game. Will ourWorld do the same?

MovieStarPlanet, also known as MSP, is a social dress-up game that is popular among tween girls.  Today, MSP announced a downloadable version of their game ...

Casinos for charity: FlowPlay’s vegasWorld is donating $50,000 to the American Cancer Society!

vegasWorld is a virtual world casino game created by developer FlowPlay and during the month of May 2019, players can raise money for the American Cancer ...

Why did the Official ourWorld Forums close down?

Let's talk about why the official ourWorld forums closed down... erm, permanently. There was no notice.  No big announcement.  As you visited your favorite ...

Hotel Hideaway Comic #014: Let’s 69.

Short but sweet.  Simplicity is best.  I really enjoy this comic strip because it's straight to the point.  Okay, that's a bunch of bullshit.  I like this ...

Hotel Hideaway Comic #013: No one will be impressed by this.

Sometimes, it's really hard coming up with content for a comic strip.  Most of the time, I run around Hotel Hideaway and take screenshots of scenes that make ...

Hotel Hideaway Comic #012: Vegans Be Like

There's nothing wrong with veganism.  In fact, it's a good moral choice to conserve rights for animals.  Unfortunately, most vegans make life harder on ...

Hotel Hideaway Comic #011: The Recycler Bot becomes self aware.

Supposedly, the creator of Hotel Hideaway made an Artificial Intelligence that would look after the Hotel.  However, we believe this A.I. has gone rogue and ...

Hotel Hideaway Comic #010: Clownfish Sushi will make you happy!

I thought I'd try out the whole "punny" comic thing.  Unfortunately, I feel like these jokes are so overused to the point of them not being funny.  I think ...

Hotel Hideaway Comic #009: I’m quitting Hotel Hideaway!

It feels good to be wanted.  And sometimes, the only thing we need is for someone to tell us that we're needed.  You should sign into Hotel Hidewaway and ...

Hotel Hideaway Comic #008: It’s a date shop!

Rejection is one of life's hardest lessons.  And on games like Hotel Hideaway, rejection comes second nature.  How often do people reject each other ...

Hotel Hideaway Comic #007: I Need Friends

This comic strip was inspired because so many stupid conversations happen in Hotel Hideaway.  These strips are pretty much documenting my interactions with ...

Hotel Hideaway Comic #006: The Coffee is Poisoned

Who doesn't like comics about coffee?  To be honest, coffee pretty much fuels this entire site and comic strip... But when Donny is told his coffee is ...

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