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Golden Key Guide

EDIT: This update is no longer taking place this week! We will keep you posted.

———[Golden Key]———

This golden key will randomly show up on the boardwalk. If there are other people around you who see it, they will try to click it as well. Even if you already have a key, you can still click it to prevent other people from getting one.

After clicking it, you will receive a message similar to this. Your activation date will probably be different though. It randomly assigns one when you get your key.
There will be a key icon on your sidebar after you get it. But clicking on it now won’t do anything so you must wait until you get to the dungeon!
Throw keys to trick people!
When you get a key, check  your throw items for a key icon. You can then throw decoy keys around everywhere to trick people! They’ll be clicking and confused!

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