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ourWorld Islands: Nevermore


—[Raven Mart]—

  • Open every Wednesday starting at midnight PST
  • Select items are 20% off regular price
  • Different items every week, so if you see an item you want in the Raven Mart, get it immediately!
  • If it is Wednesday, while you’re in a shop, the discounted items will be marked in red
  • Even if an item costs gems, you’ll get 20% of the gem price

—[Midnight Cafe]—

  • Sit and chat with friends, listen to music and enjoy tasty treats all at the same time
  • You can add these items to your wishlist from the cafe
Greeter at the Midnight Cafe. Well-mannered!
Greeter at Wonderland to Nevermore

They’re the same!

Midnight Cafe Treats:

—[Skeleton Key Shop]—

Skeleton Key Clothing (Click to see items)

Skeleton Key Furniture

—[Skeleton Key Dungeon]—

Skeleton Key Dungeon is a place where you can win various prizes. But you need a key to enter! There are two types of keys:

Golden Keys (for tourists): Part IPart II

Super Crystal Keys(for residents): Part I Part II

Notes about Skeleton Key Dungeon:

  • Prizes are different for tourists and residents each
  • Only way tourists can enter dungeon is by being grouped there from a resident
  • There are three dungeon masters. Dungeon Master Bob, Dungeon Master Frank and Dungeon Master Tom. They are dark mysterious cloaked creatures.
  • There are two parts of the dungeon. One for the crystal key and one for the golden key.

Nevermore Trivia and Fun Facts:
– It’s rumored that Nevermore comes from a famous poem written by Edgar Allan Poe called “The Raven“. In the poem, the raven constantly says “Nevermore!” to one of the main characters.
– To continue off from the above statement, that’s most likely why the character at Raven Mart is, well, a raven!
– Many names of the clothing from Skeleton Key are phrases or titles are taken from the works of Edgar Allan Poe.
– By definition, a skeleton key is “a key or similar object capable of opening any lock regardless of make or type.” (source)
-Out of all the themes in ourWorld, Nevermore is the “goth/emo” themed island. The style is comparable to that of the clothing store “Hot Topic

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