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[ Garden Seeds + Flowers ]

About, guide, tips and more!


—[About/Tips on Seeds/Flowers]—


+ You can ONLY buy seeds for other people right now, not for yourself.

+ Each seed blossoms into a random combination of flower/leaves/colors/shape/size. There are SO many combos! ^^

+ No matter which seed it is, it will always take exactly one hour to blossom and bloom. No watering needed ;)

+ Each seed stays blossomed for a certain time (see below), then it dies. While it’s blossomed, the chance of hatching a rare critter increases.

Step one: Click Condo Gift in someone's garden

Step two: The list of items to send will come up, so choose one of three different seeds for your friend. (see below)

Step three: After choosing seed, buy and send to friend.

Step four: Plant the seed where ever you like and watch it grow if you want :)

Here's the growing process for the seeds into plants. Remember, each one looks different but they all take one hour to grow.

After it blossoms, you and other people can mouse over the plant to see how much longer it will bloom for and how many flowers are in your garden.


+ It’s a good idea to look at the hatch time of the eggs in your friend’s garden, and buy a corresponding seed to it. Otherwise you could be wasting the flower’s boost.

+ The above tip works the other way around too! If see some of your flowers have just enough bloom time for one or more egg cycles, take advantage of that and hatch those eggs!

+ Combining high level nests AND flowers will give you an even better chance of getting a rare critter/pixi pet.

+ Since we can’t buy seeds for each other, it might be good to find a friend you can trust so you two can plant seeds for each other. If you each buy the same seed, the cost cancels out anyway!


—[Normal/Flower Seeds + Plants]—

More colors of flowers + leaves coming soon!

Flower Seed

Types of Flowers

—[Fruit Seeds + Plants]—

More colors of flowers + leaves coming soon!

Fruit Seed

Types of fruit flowers

—[Space Seeds + Plants]—

More colors of flowers + leaves coming soon!

Space Seed

Types of space flowers

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