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August/September Updates Pt. I

[ September Ent Items/September Resident Item/Messenger Bags/New Games/Circus Prop Mystery Box/Playground Items ]

.:*September Items are already out! They are “ent” themed. Ents are giant trees that come to life. They’re from Lord of The Rings! Click here to find out more about these forest nymphs called Ents. *:.

.:* Residents will get a Hidden Grove Throne for their mondo condo in September*:.

.:*Stylish messengers personalized from each oW designer! Comes in tons of colors and is really cheap! *:.

.:* Three new great games! Try them out before they hit ourWorld!  *:.

.:* The Circus Prop Mystery box will finally be released August 23rd! *:.

.:* Tons of playground items from Ani! Great decor for gardening or the upcoming hobby room! *:.

Updates are scheduled for August 23rd, 2010/beginning of September

—[September Ent Items]—

Ent Mask
Ent Scarf
Ent Gloves

Ent Shoes

—[September Condo Resident Item]—

Hidden Grove Throne

—[Messenger Bag]—

Basic Messenger Bag
How the Messenger Bag is worn

Blue Cow
Lady King
Sugar Star


—[New Games]—

Play Mechanical Commando 2

Play Rotate and Roll

Play Pipol Smasher

—[Circus Prop Mystery Furniture Box]—

Circus Prop Mystery Box - Coming out August 23rd!

—[Playground Items by Ani]—

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