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August/September Updates Pt. II

[ Fright Mystery Box 2010/Haunted House Mystery Box/New Leaf Items/New Games ]

.:* New Fright Mystery Box! We’ll post all the old items up soon for comparison! Click here to see all the new items *:.
Haunted House Mystery Box! Scary items for your condo! *:.
.:* New leaf items to go with the monthly Ent items! *:.
.:* Fun new games! Play them before they come out on ourWorld! *:.

—[Fright Mystery Box 2010]—

Click to see more Fright Mystery Box 2010 items!!!

Little Bat Jacket (Males)

Webbing Dress (Females)

Danny The Dancing Devil

—[Haunted House Mystery Box]—

Haunted House Mystery Box - More to come!!! Scary items for your condo!

—[Leafy Items]—

Females - More pics/info to come

Male - More pics/info to come

—[New Games]—

Play Redstar Fall

Play Joe the Alien

Play Duck Life

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