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Halloween Updates 2010 Pt. II

— [Halloween Updates 2010 Pt.II] —

| Halloween Candy Hotspots | Appearance Display | Get Gems with Advertisements | New Games | Skeleton Key Furniture |

Click here for more Halloween updates!

—[Candy Hotspots + Basket]—

You can click the sign behind Zoe to get your basket. Then click her basket to get candy.


– All the places in ourWorld with candy! –

Zoe @Boardwal

Doug Bot @Pier

Azia @Pier

Veronica @Soho

Caden @Electric Ave.


  • You can get Taffy, Peppermint or Lollipop candies! Any colors. OR past Halloween rare items!
  • You’ll usually get the 15 minute candies, but there are possibly the rare permanent ones
  • You can only get candy from the characters every few minutes.

—[Appearance Display]—

You can change your hair from your appearance now! And zoom with your avatar.

—[Get Gems During Advertisements]—

Get gems while you wait for ourWorld to load!

—[Skeleton Key Furniture]—

We will add the rest of the items soon! Missing three of them. Find these in Skeleton Key!

—[New Games]—

Play Ninja or Nun 2

Play Ragdoll Spree

Play Visible III

Note: All updates are tentative. If we find more information we will post it, but until then, they have a hint of uncertainty !

Thanks MareksGregs for contributing to this post!

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